As a homeowner, you’d agree that your home’s roof is often something you don’t think about – unless of course, something goes awry. You’d also agree that anytime something goes amiss with your roof, it is particularly difficult to find a contractor who you want to work with, acquire an estimate in a timely manner, and schedule the roof replacement as promptly as possible. Taking all the above into consideration, we have decided to put together answers to 5 of the most commonly asked questions about roof replacements. Be sure to give this a read and should you have any more concerns outside this post, give us a call. Our Fort Lupton roofing experts live in Colorado full-time, have families, and are dedicated to the Exterior Construction Business. Northern Lights Exteriors would be delighted to assist you with any roof-related concerns that you may be losing sleep over.


There are several indicators that point towards the replacement of an asphalt shingle roof –  the clearest being its age. Is your roof more than 15-20 years of age? If so, there is a very good chance replacement for it is long overdue, especially when you live in Colorado’s climate. It’s probably time to contact a professional when you find missing shingles, granules around the house or coming out of gutters after a storm, or see shingles that are curling or have cracked.


The easiest way to get an estimate for your roof is by getting in touch with your local trusted roofing professional. Do your due diligence, check reviews and not just Google – for sure check out BBB.  Most roofers offer a Free Roofing Assessment. Once a trusted professional has been on-site, they should be able to give you broad-stroke pricing while at the property and something more exact within a few days.


It definitely should put you at ease knowing that via your homeowner’s insurance policy, your roof is protected from major unexpected damage including hail and wind. Roofing companies offer various warranties and different roofing materials come with different manufacturer warranties as well.

Roofing doesn’t have to be complicated. Only ensure that you’re having it inspected regularly, paying close attention to its age, and if you are hit by some wind or hail, call a trusted professional right away. At that point, our company will come out to the property, do a free estimate, provide a no-obligation estimate, and can also mediate with your insurance company on your behalf if you are hit by a storm.

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Commercial Roofing Denver | Northern Lights Exteriors
Commercial Roofing Denver | Northern Lights Exteriors

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