The Worst Things That Can Happen To A Fort Lupton Roofing System

If you don’t know anything about roof maintenance, chances are you could be doing something that harms it without even knowing. There are so many things people believe about roofing and maintenance that aren’t true. That is why you should reach out to Fort Lupton roofers for any kind of installing or remodeling projects. There are some things that could be leading the further deterioration of the roof without even knowing and we are going to highlight some of them.

High-Pressure Roof Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is used on stubborn stains and might seem like a good idea to apply it on the roof. The blasting of mold and mildew will come at the expense of streaking and staining. High pressure damages the roofing material in place and may lead to roof replacement if done consistently. This is because the intensity interferes with the top layer on the metal roofing and the shingles. There is also a chance the water could get underneath the roofing material causing leaks and decay. Soft washing is recommended and should be done with a professional.

Failure to Prepare for a Storm

You should be aware of the storm season. You should inspect your whole property by paying close attention to the roof. Make sure the gutter is clean and there are no leaks on the roof. You can look for a professional roofing expert to do the inspection. Ideally, you should be doing inspection twice a year or whenever there is storm forecasting.


You shouldn’t be leaving overhanging trees in your backyard as they could lead to roof damages especially if the tree is near the house. You can hire an arborist to prune dead limbs.

DIY Roof Repair

You will be tempted to do the inspection and the repairs on your own but that is highly discouraged. This is because climbing on the roof is unsafe. There are thousands of reported ladder accidents every year. You shouldn’t be getting on the roof without the proper equipment. It will be much cheaper and you save time when you hire a professional to do the job. Another reason why shouldn’t be getting on the roof is you can cause more damage by poking around. There is a high chance you can create leaks or make the situation worse than it already was before you climbed the roof.

Installing DIY Solar Panels

You should always call a professional roofing contractor before you install anything on the roof. This ensures the integrity of the roof is maintained. The process of installing a solar panel will sometimes involve drilling of holes which could lead to leaks if it is not done the right way. You should either call a roofing or a solar company if you’re not a certified professional. You shouldn’t try DIY on the projects on the roof if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. For more information on roofing, you can go to


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