Reasons to Have Wood Replacement Windows Installed on Your Home in Denver, CO

Wood Replacement Windows Denver COThe role wood replacement windows play in your home has evolved over time. The most recent reasons to spend the money and move forward with a wood replacement window is Security and Privacy, Bringing Nature Indoors, and Re-Designing Your Home For Comfort & Light. Northern Lights Exteriors keeps all of these in mind when they make recommendations on wood replacement windows for your Denver, Colorado home.

Security & Privacy

76% of homeowners think about security when making a window selection. The Pella wood windows we replace in homes have standard lock and secondary lock options, and other upgraded smart solutions with security sensors that alert homeowners if the windows are locked or are open. In terms of privacy, glass options, as well as smart blinds and shades for areas of the home where you don’t want to feel like you’re in a fish bowl, are all items that can be discussed and included in your window estimates.

Bring Nature Inside

Recently, we are all spending more time in our homes. Our Pella wood replacement window options not only can have the gorgeous woodgrain patterns and stains that enhance the visual character of your home, but there are also more modern premium wood options to choose from as well. More than ever, clients are looking for options that offer expansive openness for seamlessly going between the outdoors and indoors while allowing for maximum light to living items like plants to enhance your space and well-being.

Designing For Comfort & Mood

Homeowners typically want to feel cozy, calm, and balanced in their homes. The choices in design, colors/stains like natural woodtone, or more on-trend colors like blacks for example, are all within the wood window pallet. Traditional options with modern day twists – all contribute to how you feel in your space. Wood window replacements can really play a part in our overall well-being. Wood windows are also available in all the major styles, including single-hung and double-hung windows, picture windows, and more.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

We work for clients in Colorado, and most of us feel a connection to doing our part for the planet and our local environments. Pella wood replacement windows are also an excellent choice because of how well their wood frames can prevent heat from transferring into and out of your home. When installed with a high-performance, insulated glass package, our Energy Star rated windows can potentially reduce your energy costs by a significant amount throughout the year.

Want to learn more about the benefits of having Pella wood replacement windows installed on your Denver, CO, home? Or would you like additional information about how our wood windows compare to the other types of windows we offer? For any window-related assistance you require, contact Northern Lights Exteriors today. We’ll promptly schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience.