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Most roofing and siding companies will show you a mission statement on the “About Us” page. There’s nothing wrong with mission statements, but they don’t address three of the main questions visitors usually have, when they’re looking for a good remodeling company:

  1. “Who are you, and how are you different?”
  2. “What do your previous customers think about you?”
  3. “Can you do the job I need done, at a fair price?”

So let’s get to answering them!


1. “Who is Northern Lights Exteriors, and how are you different?”

James Hooven founded Northern Lights Exteriors in 2001. (It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on our 20th year in the same business—and a highly competitive one at that!)

We’re a family-owned company, and we’re proud to live in the very part of Colorado where we do business with our neighbors.

Our Great Crews

We actually have two families: The one you see above, and all the employees in our business. After all, we spend most of our days with our team members, and without them we couldn’t possibly have grown to be one of the largest remodeling companies in Colorado. We’re also highly prominent as one of the top Denver commercial roofing companies.

We pay our crews at the high end of the scale, and have several specialist teams of craftspeople. In fact, in all of Colorado there are only six certified James Hardie installation crews—and three of them work for us.

We pay for continuing education in the latest products and technologies for our people; that is by no means common in this industry. Many of our crewmembers get courted by other companies all the time, yet our average crew has been with us for more than five years. That’s a long time when you’re talking about physically demanding work.

Our Project Managers Are Also Key

If you decide to work with us, you’ll have regular contact with one of our project managers. This is also uncommon in the industry: most other remodeling companies toss you between people in sales, production, and the front office. Many of our customers like our project-manager approach a lot. You can read lots of testimonials here.

We carefully choose our project managers to be great at communicating: While they keep their eye on the goal of getting your project done on time, they need to work closely with suppliers, crews, and city officials. They also must keep you in the loop 100% of the time, with the level of detail that you prefer.


2. “What do your previous customers think about you?”

We have subscribed to an independent customer-review company since 2011 called Guild Quality. They contact all of our customers and ask them to give their honest opinion about how the job went. People are not shy about saying what they think! Guild Quality also follows 130 other companies in our industry, in order to get a sense of how companies compare to each other.

Of all the surveys sent out since 2011, our customers filled out 229 surveys and sent them directly back to Guild Quality. That was a total of over 2,600 answers to detailed questions. Our overall score is 97%, compared to the average of the 130 companies in our industry of 88%.

It’s a pretty comprehensive survey, with 18 questions covering communication, quality of materials and workmanship, problem resolution, and overall value in the view of the customer.

We’re pretty proud of the 97% score, but we’re also not satisfied that we have 3% of survey respondents who didn’t think we did a great job. We are in fact human and we do in fact mess up occasionally. That’s why we have the policy of your being able to contact James, the owner, if you ever feel like you may be part of the 3%.

We can’t guarantee perfection, but we can guarantee that we will make an energetic effort to fix the situation and make it right.


3. “Can you do the job I need done, at a fair price?”

It may be tempting for companies to say: “Of course we can do your job!” but we don’t say that. How can we? We don’t even yet know what you need done, so how could we!

There’s another reason: we’re not all things to all people. We focus our full-time efforts on being the best there is on the exterior of buildings. Sure, our craftspeople could do lots of interior work, but we stick to what we do best.

If the job you need done is on the outside of your property, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help you. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and expectations.

We also should be able to quote you a very fair price. We do many millions of dollars of business with suppliers, and that means we get discounts that are not available to the small fry. We have a real incentive to pass along savings to you, in order to win your business.

And speaking of prices, if you’re checking us out for storm restoration, we have additional good news: we go to bat for you with your insurance company, and can often negotiate a larger payout check from them to you. We talk more about this service here.

Read Our Reviews

Northern Lights Exteriors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can improve your home. 


“Great communication. The NLE team was upfront and transparent about the timing and cost of the project. Also have a nice on-line system where you can track the project status and be notified of updates and changes. Work was done on schedule and looks good. Had a problem with subcontractor not re-attaching solar panels quite right, but NLE followed up with that thoroughly until I was satisfied.”

Dan E.

“Northern Lights Exteriors recently replaced our siding and gutters. Working with our project managers and the folks at the office was easy. Everyone was quick to respond to questions and made sure we were completely satisfied with the work. The siding crew and gutter crew worked fast and extremely efficiently.”

Alexandra B.

“This company did an excellent job at installing, cleanup and communication throughout the entire process. Jeff and Daniel were very interested in making sure we got the product we wanted and that we were informed of any an all changes in advance. It was a pleasure to work with both of them.”

Anne J.
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