General FAQ

We hope to be able to answer all of your questions. However, some policy information can only be given by your insurance agent. NLE is happy to provide any company information required by your agent.

We recommend that we handle it for you. We have found that our claims processing provides the best possible outcome for our clients. Although you can be as involved in the process as you like, NLE will be there to handle your claim every step of the way.

Northern Lights Exteriors will deal directly with your insurance company to settle your claim for an amount that can cover the cost of your roof replacement. We use the same estimating model as insurance companies, so we can price your roof according to standard insurance rates.

It is possible that unseen portions of your roof may require replacement and the cost of your project may increase. Northern Lights Exteriors will document the unanticipated damage, notify your insurance company, and continue with the build. All relevant documentation will be sent to your insurance company, and they will include the required additional funds in your final settlement check.

All items that your insurance company has elected to replace will be listed on the claim paperwork (adjuster’s summary) you will receive from your insurance company. The materials included in your paperwork may be different than your estimates. When reviewing your insurance paperwork, NLE will customize your project to include all items on this summary, while staying within your insurance settlement budget.

Insurance claims summaries may be inaccurate because they may not take specific local building codes into consideration. Insurance adjuster’s often rely on the expertise of local professional contractors like NLE to help them create accurate settlements. It is important that NLE representatives review your insurance paperwork in a timely manner so that inadequacies in your settlement can be immediately resolved with your insurance company.

Getting a new roof on your house is easier than you might think. Many projects take only one day and are not of major inconvenience to you!

  1. All roofing materials will be delivered to your house 1-5 days before your build date.
  2. Northern Lights crew will arrive on the morning of your build date to begin work. (Typically 8:00 AM)
  3. The dump truck will be backed up to the front of the house to allow old shingles to go directly from the roof to the dump truck.
  4. All vulnerable surfaces, items, or landscaping around the house will be covered with tarps.
  5. All shingles will be torn off, placed in the dump truck for recycling, and the wooden decking of your house will be inspected.
  6. Underlayment will be installed directly to bare wood decking and the roof is considered dried in.
  7. Shingles and all roof accessories will be installed, including installation of Ice & Water Barrier in vulnerable areas such as vents, pipe jacks, around chimneys, and in valleys.
  8. Job site is cleaned of all debris. The entirety of your property will receive multiple sweeps with hand magnets and magnetic rollers to check for nails.
  9. Northern Lights Exteriors will complete a certificate of completion to your insurance company, releasing the remaining balance of your insurance settlement to you.
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