How Much Does a New Roof Cost?Suburban home with new roof

The average range for a roof replacement in Colorado is between $11,000 and $25,000. But, before you go all-in on a new roofing project, you’ll want to understand all the variables that decide the cost of that project.

Your roof is your first line of defense against the weather…we all know that.  You also know Colorado can get some crazy weather – high winds, temperature fluctuations, hail. We also get that a roofing project doesn’t feel sexy and most likely you’ve put this project off until you have no other choice. Northern Lights Exteriors can say that a new roof can improve your home’s curb appeal, and bring out your siding, windows, or other accents that have been muted. It also provides a good return on investment and improves energy efficiency.  There are some variables you should know about when putting on a new roof:


One of the highest costs when installing a new roof is labor. It can account for approximately 60% of your quote. Roofing is not easy, you’re up high off the ground, it’s hot, and it’s technical when installed correctly. Paying for a well-trained, certified full crew, with a company that is fully licensed and insured with a contractor license in your municipality should be expected and be a requirement for any homeowner. Every job is different, but some fundamental factors that go into the labor quote include:

  • Removal of the old roof – The size, shape, and pitch of your roof will factor into this. A large roof with steep angles will take a little longer and requires more risk and time to move around safely than to remove a lower-pitched roof. Any extra layers of shingles or materials will have to be removed when you work with NLE and this will cause additional time and labor on the front end during the removal process. The number of layers, typically, can be seen when quoting a project.
  • Roofing material type – Some roofing material have less material per bundle, is heavier, requires more skill during install. This is why a reputable exterior roofing company has distinct crews for different material installs.
  • Rot or Damage – Once a crew removes your old roof, your roofing contractors will get to see the decking and structure beneath for the first time. If there is rot or other damage that needs to be repaired, your cost will go up – BUT as a homeowner, you should expect to see photos of any decking or damaged structure found underneath to go along with a change order. Always!



One of the largest variables in determining the cost of your roof is the roofing material you choose. We always recommend a STORM SHINGLE that holds up to the Colorado weather and typically keeps you from having to replace your roof after every hail storm in the area.  Some contractors want you to put the “cheaper” option on the roof so they can keep coming back time and time again to put on a new roof.  We have a different philosophy entirely.  Put on a proper roof for the area you live in and stop putting inferior products in our local landfills. You have choices, but let us help you make the right decision for your home, neighborhood, and our Colorado environment.

Understanding Your Price Quote

Basically, your quote should have all the details of what will be done on your home.  You should expect to have a permit fee, to ensure an inspection is performed approving the work planned at your home.  If your quote isn’t detailed – walk away.  If you have questions, your Project Manager can explain everything and make sure you are comfortable before signing a contract and moving into a production queue.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “Chuck-In-A-Truck” roofing companies out there, that give the entire industry a bad name. These companies may knock on your door (especially after a big storm) and tell you that you have roof damage. These companies typically have small crews, put on inferior products (they aren’t from here, so why would they care about our local environment?), and when the roof leaks – they’ve already moved on.

Do your research and look for a local, accredited with the BBB, professional roofing company with a long history of happy clients in your area.

Northern Lights Exteriors is a professional full exterior restoration and remodeling company that does roofing in the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins, CO, area and we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Check out our online reviews to learn what your neighbors have to say about us. If you are interested in a new roof that will last you for years to come, contact us for a free consultation and quote today.