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Metal Siding Installation

We Specialize in Aluminum and Steel Siding Installation for Colorado Homes

Northern Lights Exteriors is proud to offer steel, and aluminum metal siding because of its exceptional durability, and in the Denver, Colorado, this is an important quality to look for. Rain, wind, and snow have very little effect on metal, and depending on the thickness of the material used, metal siding can withstand some hailstorms as well. Additionally, metal doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning it is not susceptible to the growth of mold, mildew, and other funguses that can destroy some competing types of home siding. And, of course, insects and rodents are not attracted to metal because they cannot penetrate it to make a nest. Combined, all these features make for a low-maintenance siding system that requires little upkeep.

Additional Benefits of Metal Siding:

  • Can survive Colorado hail storms
  • Appearance can be adjusted to your preference.
    • This includes horizontal lap siding, vertical shakes, smooth, wood-grain, and more.
  • Safe in Fire Zones
  • Paints and finishes are designed to last for decades, potentially eliminating the need for refinishing.


  • Price: up-front costs are typically higher, but this is offset by the lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Why Choose Northern Lights Exteriors for Metal Siding Installation?

Northern Lights Exteriors has extensive experience with metal siding and steel siding replacement for Denver properties. If you’re considering this durable material for your home, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation so that we may discuss your siding project in detail and provide a free estimate for your renovations. We’re also proud to back the quality of our installations with our outstanding five-year workmanship warranty.

Updates at Every Step

We ensure a hassle-free renovation experience and have developed our own exclusive web portal that enables our customers to monitor their metal siding projects from beginning to end, granting unrestricted access to critical information around the clock. This valuable feature allows customers to stay informed with 24/7 access to essential project details including:

  • Materials delivery dates
  • Labor schedules
  • Payment terms and due dates
  • Photos
  • And more

For more information about the metal siding or steel siding replacement for homes in the Denver area, contact us today. We proudly serve residents of Denver, CO, and other surrounding areas.

Discover Metal Siding Options in our Featured Project Gallery

Home with brown metal siding on the exterior

Metal Siding Denver Area | Longmont, Colorado

Gray, vertical metal siding installed on the exterior of a home

Metal Siding Denver Area | Boulder, Colorado

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Map of areas serviced by Northern Lights Exteriors in the greater Denver area including Fort Colins, Boulder, and Greely

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