The Premier Home Remodeling Contractor Serving Boulder, CO

Home Remodeling Contractor Boulder COWhen you decide that you want to upgrade your home’s exterior, there are all sorts of additional decisions that you’ll need to make. Among these, the most important is deciding which home remodeling contractor you’ll trust to work on your Boulder, Colorado, home.

Our core values are simple – We want to provide material suggestions that stand up to the extremes of our environment and don’t just end up in our local landfills. We want to be totally transparent with your project and our communication and have proprietary solutions we’ve personally built since 2001 to address the most important pain points within a remodeling project, single or multi-trade. Lastly, we ensure our team has continuous education on their materials and is staying attuned with the newest as well as time-tested options that work well in Colorado.

Once you’ve done your own due diligence and checked out our reviews, scheduled an appointment, and met with our specialized team, your angst about dealing with a contractor on your upcoming project should subside. As countless local residents will attest, we’re the best home remodeling contractor to call if you want to improve your home in any of the following ways:


Few aspects of your home’s exterior will determine its curb appeal more than its siding. For this reason, you don’t want to get forced into selecting one particular product the way you would with many other siding contractors. In contrast, Northern Lights Exteriors offers fiber cement, cedar, vinyl, metal, and wood composite siding options so you can easily select the one that looks and performs exactly the way you want.


As a home remodeling contractor that can address virtually all of your exterior remodeling needs, Northern Lights Exteriors can equip your home with an attractive, long-lasting roof made for our environment. Our roofing company specializes in installing asphalt, metal, tile, stone-coated steel, and F-Wave roofing systems. Not sure which option will work best for your home and budget? We’ll gladly walk you through the different types and provide you with a custom-tailored solution as part of your free consultation.


Having quality windows on your home is an absolute necessity for Boulder residents because of the fluctuations in weather we experience here. This is why we exclusively offer our wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum-clad, and composite replacement windows from the industry’s most respected manufacturers. Since customer service is a huge focus of ours, the brands we recommend have service levels that match our expectations.

Outdoor Living

There’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors when the weather is nice. As an experienced deck and patio contractor, we can create the idyllic outdoor retreat you’ve always wanted.  Open up and add to your overall living space while enjoying the beauty of the Flatirons, the fresh air, and hopefully soon, gathering more with your friends and family.

Do you want to partner with a company that’s as enthusiastic as you are about improving your home? Contact Northern Lights Exteriors today. Once you begin working with our team, we believe you’ll quickly understand why we’re regarded as the premier home remodeling contractor serving Boulder, CO.