Should I Replace My Siding or Windows First?

Yellow House With New Siding and WindowsIf you’re considering replacing your siding and windows, congratulations—these are both exciting renovations that will improve your home’s self-esteem. As you plan out these exterior remodel projects, you may be wondering whether there are reasons to undertake one upgrade before the other. Simply put, it makes the most sense to replace your windows and siding at the same time. If you must undertake one project at a time, it’s generally advisable to replace your windows before your siding.

At the Same Time Is Ideal

The most affordable and efficient way to install new siding and windows is at the same time. Especially if you’re using a full service home remodeling contractor like Northern Lights Exteriors. In the ideal world, a contractor will tear off all siding to put in a new weather barrier that includes taping and a moisture barrier on all the windows. By removing the siding first  then installing windows, and the siding final install and trim will keep the property as water tight as possible.

Rather than replacing window trim or siding that will end up being redone in a year or two anyway, Northern Lights Exterior can do all of this work as part of a single project, in the order that will produce the best results. Plus, imagine how nice it would be to have new windows and new siding upon the completion of your project rather than just one or the other.

Why Replace Your Windows Before Your Siding

If budget constraints or other considerations force you into undertaking these upgrades one at a time, it generally makes the most sense to replace your windows first. This is because it’s expensive to replace the capping around your windows, which you usually have to do when you have new siding installed. From a financial perspective, you don’t want to replace the capping around old windows when you’ll also be paying to have new capping installed when you replace your windows a year or two in the future.

When It Makes Sense to Replace Your Siding Before Your Windows

Despite everything written above, if your siding is in very bad condition compared with your windows, then it can be justified to replace your siding first. Low-quality siding can permit damage to your home’s exterior and force you to pay more in energy costs than you otherwise would. Especially if your windows are sufficiently attractive, energy efficient, and secure, you should not feel bad about prioritizing the upgrades that need it the most, even if replacing your siding before your windows will cost you somewhat more overall.

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