Gorgeous & Functional Patio Covers for Homeowners in Denver, CO

Patio Covers Denver CO

Do you enjoy spending time on a deck or patio in your backyard in northern Denver? Why not make the most of it by adding a patio cover? The home improvement specialists at Northern Lights Exteriors can enhance your outdoor living space with a custom-built patio cover, allowing you to spend even more time outside in the fresh Colorado air while shielding you from harsh weather conditions such as blazing sunlight, rain, sleet, and snow. Think of it: You’ll be able to make plans and invite friends over without having to worry about the weather. You’ll be covered!

A custom patio cover is a beautiful yet practical way to transform your backyard and enhance the value of your property. Unlike a cabana, which is more of an isolated, backyard island, a deck or patio is a seamless addition to your home. By matching or complementing the colors and textures of your home’s exterior, Northern Lights Exteriors can create a cover that makes your deck or patio a true extension of your living area.

Design Options – The Sky’s the Limit!

When it comes to patio cover designs, you might opt to simply extend your roofline to cover your patio. But, you also have free rein to create an avant-garde look that will add a certain flair to your outdoor living area. It’s totally up to you. Some popular options for patio covers include lattice, solid, or a combination of both. Other design features you may want to consider include electrical accessories, such as lighting, fans, and outlets.

When installing a patio cover, the experts at Northern Lights Exteriors are meticulous about both the method of attachment and the weatherproofing. These features contribute directly to the sturdiness and longevity of a patio cover, and we’ll make sure yours is built to last.

Whether you’d like to discuss some ideas for patio covers or you already have a specific design in mind, start your home improvement project by contacting Northern Lights Exteriors today to request a free consultation at your home in the northern Denver, CO, area.