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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows for Denver Area Homes

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient replacement windows offer many benefits, including:

  • Cost savings in terms of lower utility bills
  • An environmentally-friendly material that’s built to last
  • Enhanced interior comfort due to the elimination of cold drafts and overheated spaces inside your home
  • Protection from damaging ultraviolet (UV) sunlight for your flooring, carpeting, window treatments, and upholstered furniture

Consider More Than the Price

If you would prefer to shop around for energy-efficient windows for your Denver area home, we encourage you to do so. Just be careful, especially when visiting a local big-box chain. You could get great advice from a window expert—or you could get dubious advice from a plumber who happens to be covering the window department that day. And about that “too good to be true” price: It could be a great deal—but only if you need the specific window they are currently offering at a slashed price (a well-known tactic to bring customers in the door). Otherwise, you’ll have to place a special order and—guess what?—the price will shoot up.

What kind of Energy Efficient window options are there?

  • Double or triple-pane windows: These windows have multiple panes of glass separated by an insulating gas such as argon, which helps to reduce heat transfer. Some windows are filled with krypton or xenon gas, which are denser and provide even better insulation.
  • Low-E glass: Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass has a thin, transparent coating that reflects heat while still allowing light to pass through. This can help to reduce energy costs by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Insulated frames: Frames made of materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, or wood composites can help to improve the energy efficiency of your windows by reducing heat transfer through the frame.
  • Window tinting: Applying a tinted film to your windows can help to block out heat from the sun and reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your home.
  • Storm windows: Designed to be installed over existing windows to provide an extra layer of insulation to reduce heat transfer.

How can I tell if my windows are energy efficient?

One way to determine if your windows are energy-efficient is to look for certification programs such as the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and ENERGY STAR. These programs provide ratings that indicate a window or door’s efficiency, with various performance ratings like U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measuring a product’s effectiveness in insulating and blocking heat from the sun. By checking the rating labels, homeowners can get a better understanding of the energy efficiency of their windows. At Northern Lights Exteriors, Our Energy Star rated windows can potentially reduce your energy costs by a significant amount throughout the year.

Hire a Windows and Siding Contractor you can Trust

At Northern Lights Exteriors, we’re all about honesty, and we want to be helpful to you from the get-go. We’ll ask you questions so we can better understand the issues with your existing windows and your goals for energy efficient replacement windows. Then, we’ll suggest the best option and—if you choose to go with it—get it for you at the best possible price.

Contact Northern Lights Exteriors to learn more about energy-efficient replacement windows for your home in the northern Denver area.

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