airal shot of a suburban home with 3 car garageWhy You Want a Project Manager On-site for Your Next Home Exterior Project

Your home is one of the largest financial (and emotional) investments of your life. While home maintenance is rarely perceived as fun, when your home needs work done like a roof replacement, new windows, siding, or maybe adding a new deck, Northern Lights Exteriors can make the process smooth.

Before you sign on the dotted line for your next exterior home improvement project, look for a company that offers an on-site project manager for every project.

General Contractors vs. Project Managers

What’s the difference between general contractors vs. project managers? From the homeowner’s point of view, it has a lot to do with communication. A general contractor is in charge of the materials and workers to get the job done. A project manager monitors the job and serves as a liaison between you, the homeowner, and the construction team.

Do you like to have your finger on the pulse of your project every step of the way? Or, do you simply want to know who’s your go-to person if you should have questions?  Here are five reasons you want to go with a company that will assign your project a dedicated project manager.

1.     One Point of Contact

With a dedicated project manager, you don’t have to wonder who you should contact with your questions, no matter what they are about. A big part of a project manager’s job is working with you to make sure you understand what’s happening and are happy with the progress. In some companies, the sales reps make the sale and then hand it off to someone else who has never even met you. A project manager is there from start to finish.

2.     They Lead the Pre-Construction Walkthrough

Your project manager isn’t just an observer. They should be the one leading the pre-construction walkthrough where all the details of the exterior project are discussed prior to any work being done. Then, if there are any questions or unexpected obstacles, the project manager can communicate with the homeowner to get it figured out to everyone’s satisfaction.

3.     A Familiar Set of Eyes on the Project

Sometimes one team doesn’t know what the other is doing. A project manager performs site check-ins to ensure that all the details provided on the work order and discussed in the pre-construction walkthrough are being completed. Having one set of eyes following the entire project helps to spot the little things.

4.     They’re Your Advocate

If something comes up during the project that concerns you, a project manager is there to talk to you and, if need be, serve as your advocate to raise your concerns to the work crew and resolve them.

5.     They Understand Your Goals

While the crew does the work and our crews are great at what they do, good project managers go beyond that. They know what you have in mind for your project and your goals for the bigger picture. That means as the project moves along, they can guide the work to make sure your goals and expectations are met.

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If you’re interested in learning more about general contractors vs. project managers, contact Northern Lights Exteriors. We are a local, family-owned company that believes in assigning a dedicated project manager to every project we take on. Our thousands of positive reviews make us think we’re on the right track! If your home is in need of exterior renovation, contact us for a free consultation and quote.